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At ISME, we take pride in providing an unparalleled educational experience. You will be challenged to stand out and think like a leader.



Under Graduate Program in Business Management & Entrepreneurship The 3 year Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship is based on the BELL approach integrates business courses with deep corporate engagements and experiential assignments. Our BME integrates world-class academics and meaningful business experience, creating a powerful fusion to empower you to become business leaders.

Under Graduate Program in Business & Liberal Arts The Business & Liberal Arts diploma programme offers a unique blend of business cores and liberal cores with a contemporary basket of options which teaches you to see the world from a range of perspectives - political, cultural, historical and economic - and develops your understanding of how each impacts the other. At the heart of the programme is a core set of modules which provide interdisciplinary means of analyzing and understanding how and why we think, and act, the way we do today.

Under Graduate Program in Business Media & Advertising The three-year undergraduate diploma in Business Media & Advertising is a full-time professional course and is one of the few in India that is driven by the Industry, has a work-study format, focuses on hands-on experiential training, upgrades its curriculum every year and provides 100% placement support. Our strategic partner - WPP, is the largest consortium of agencies in the world and is ranked as the “Most Effective Marketing Communications Company” by the Effie Index for 8 years in a row.

Hospitality Business Management The UG program in Hospitality Business Management provides a firm foundation in hospitality studies and management techniques with a global perspective of the industry and the ability to assess the evolving needs of the marketplace. This course focuses on addressing key concepts with practical business simulations and strategic thinking skills required by hospitality professionals in the 21st century.



Post Graduate Program in Management Business & Entrepreneurship The PGMBE at ISME is an 11-month program that gives you a dynamic blend of knowledge and skills in four critical subjects: management, finance, strategy, and entrepreneurship. ISME's experienced faculty, corporate and global connections, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and pivotal location will give you a phenomenal advantage.

Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing & Advertising This eleven-month (full-time) intensive programme creates experts out of college graduates and corporate employees. The objective of the programme is to produce future-ready professionals and prepare them to embark upon the complex task of building brands and managing digital age experiences. This full-time program takes students through the journey of live industry projects, mentoring by industry professionals and experiential learning.


Aicte approved courses

Post Graduate Diploma in Management A program that focusses on growth strategies for Business, Entrepreneurship & Analytics.At ISME we strive to develop business thought leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset. We teach our students to challenge the status quo and constantly question and innovate- which helps young minds to achieve their fullest potential with 21st century competencies. Above all The ISME Edge is created to give the students a world class business education.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management - Business Analytics The course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge in the area of business analytics and data science. Students will learn tools and techniques that are used in building analytics solutions. The course covers relevant subjects such as statistics, management, research, data mining and machine learning, as well as examples and case studies delivered by Industry Experts.




Post Graduate Program in Management, Business & Leadership The Executive Education program is taught through activity based learning. You’ll work on creative assignments using professional grade equipment, in some cases for actual clients. Professionals will guide and mentor you as you acquire and develop your skills by practicing them in individual and group projects.