Content, content, content. I can’t even count the number of times I have heard this word in the last month, let alone years. With the world going digital, the importance of good, quality content has only increased. Even with the influx of video and image based content, there is no substitute (yet) for the written word. It drives traffic to your websites, helps you communicate your brand message, rank higher on search and establish yourself as an industry expert. With digital marketing becoming a norm, one must also learn to create compelling and powerful content to stay ahead in this competitive space.

I understand that often writing can be overwhelming, especially when it needs to translate into growth. So, to make your lives a tad bit easier, I am sharing a few tricks that can aid you in your content writing endeavours. 

Firstly, Know Your Audience

Whether you are writing a blog (like this one), making google ads, doing social media marketing or email marketing it is essential to know your audience.

Understanding their interests, likes, dislikes, the information the need or even their pain points can help you create content that your audience wants to read.
In many ways, knowing your audience is the first step to creating good and engaging content.

Research Well, Research Always

Taking it a step further from my last point, don’t just know your audience, know your content too. Especially in cases of articles and blogs, make sure to research the topic you are writing about thoroughly. Contradictory information and incorrect facts can dissuade your reader and make you lose out.

Be Smart With Your Keywords

One of the first things taught when you learn seo is the importance of keywords. However you must be smart about  the way you use them. Don’t over stuff or force them into sentences as that disrupts the reader experience and in cases of brands it can cost them their customers. So, make a list of your keywords and find creative yet seamless ways to integrate them into your content.

Write Strong Headlines

This one seems like a no brainer but it is also often overlooked. The headline is the first thing that a reader sees and is often the reason they click on your post or article. So, make it strong. Some ways to do this is by using humour, highlighting benefits, communicating urgency, providing a list, posing a question or even pointing out an interesting fact.

Give Your Content Purpose

Knowing why you are writing a particular piece is important, but what is more important is knowing why someone will read it. What will your audience get out of it?
For example, the purpose of this blog is to help those who want to learn digital marketing and content writing, write compelling content easily. 

Break It Up

In today’s day and age, most don’t enjoy reading. Hence, similar to how children’s books have pictures to grab their attention, one must add images, videos or infographics to give your audience a break from reading and keep them engaged. 

Guide Your Readers

Another way to keep your audience engaged and attentive is to guide them through the article, blog or ad. With the use of bold, italic or underline, different font types, sizes and even colour, one can help the audience navigate through all the text and get the most out of the content.

Keep It Short, But Keep It Fun

Aim to be as concise as possible. Don’t beat around the bush or use flowery language for the sake of it. The average attention span of an adult is only 8 seconds. So, cut out the fluff and get straight to the point. But while you are at it, don’t take yourself too seriously (unless the content demands it). Make sure to keep it light, fun and entertaining!

Get a Second Opinion

Just like a medical diagnosis, don’t go with the first solution. Edit and refine your work but also get a fresh set of eyes to help. As writers we often get carried away or get too attached to our work. Asking someone else for feedback will not only help you improve but also help you put out quality work.

While content marketing is not a new concept, it is still highly relevant. Any and all digital marketing courses or experts will tell you that. Be it individuals, brands or companies everyone needs to produce good content to stay in the game and stay ahead. But, contrary to popular belief content writing is not that difficult. With the right tools, guidance and practice you can become a master of it in no time! 

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