What good is life if we don’t grow, what good is life if we don’t change, what good is life if we don’t adapt, what good is life if we don’t learn every day? What purpose do we hold when we determine to remain still and yet aspire to succeed. In order to bloom you need to grow first for that to happen, you need to plant the seed of learning new things.

It is difficult to find beauty in the pandemic given the adversity it has spread. With this pandemic, not just traditional ways of working but predicted working environments are going to make a drastic shift and one must be prepared for what is going to be the new normal. So what is this new normal that everyone is adapting to, the world being a tangible element of its own has variated to an intangible state now popularly known as the digital space? 

Did any of us ever imagine that we would have to unlearn and relearn the new functions in order to make the cut for this new normal and post-pandemic life? Traditional marketing will always be an integral part of a business functioning however the percentage of importance is likely to change, the new focus and high dependency for every field on digital marketing have immensely increased. 

The drastic transition that the world is at where trends are changing every day, perhaps every hour to state the least, we as humans will have to evolve and change with it too. Digital Marketing is the key to unlock the new normal of 2021, so why is it important for us to keep up with this trend. 

With life being restricted to our homes and laptops, putting traditional degree learnings to practical use can be very difficult as no one was prepared or taught the new mediums of it. 75% of the population has made this choice to upgrade to the digital world which includes the majority of the businesses and given the overhead costs companies are saving, work from home seems like a viable option to all. To be able to endeavor this new age, learning new skills can always and will most definitely come in handy. A digital marketing course/ certification has become the top requirement for all businesses when hiring a professional. 

Digital Marketing carrying with it the never-ending list of benefits has increased the scope of new jobs and newer requirement of skills, living in 2021 the need for being a graduate of a traditional degree is likely to reduce the scope of personal growth, so what is it that the new business requirements and how must one go about with it. 

To clear your bubble of ambiguity here is what one should do and act upon, merely learning from YouTube cannot validate your skills thus applying for the best digital marketing course being offered in Mumbai like the one at ISME would help gain you a certificate which is accredited and recognized by many WPP companies. The course teaches important skills like google ad, email marketing, SEO, and above all it not only focuses on skills but also helps with important soft skills and personal development. 

When the world has decided to change overnight, why are we still the same? Grow into a newer version of yourself, Change your traditional ways, Learn new things, adapt to new situations and methods of the digital world and platforms. So tomorrow you can proudly say ” I’ve Changed and grew with the pandemic “.

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