Himakshi Shah’s proposed social start-up Transcend plans to help trans-genders get everyday normal jobs through training and counselling.

HS saw that India is a fairly inclusive nation with wide cultural and social diversities existing together peacefully, but when it came to trans-genders and transsexuals, they are still to find a place in the society and earn a respectable living. Transcend will be Mumbai based start-up with a mission to push for inclusivity in the Indian workspace by acting as a bridge to help transgenders and inclusive companies find each other.

Transcend also plans to work towards widening the viewpoints and perspectives regarding employing transgenders and transsexuals. The company would act as equal opportunity job consultants for Transgenders and Transsexuals and provide them with alternative job solutions.

“ISME gave me the courage to start my own venture”

~ Himakshi Shah

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