Children are, by nature, creative and entrepreneurial. Yet, the majority of business and social innovation programs are offered at undergraduate level or higher.

Kriya Doshi and Yash Dandavate, founder of Think Young believe that provided the opportunities, Children have great capacity for entrepreneurialism and innovation. Hence they have started an Entrepreneurship and leadership academy Viz; Think Young. Their mission is to harness the creativity of children before they ‘grow up’

Think Young is a Saturday school which primarily focuses on children between eleven to sixteen years and through their program, they strive to develop entrepreneurial mindset and equip their students with skills required to become successful entrepreneurs. Throughout the course, students work on building their own start-ups and learn design thinking, problem-solving, website building, pitching, etc.

Further, they provide lifelong support and mentorship to their students post the program.

“The mentor sessions and incubator at ISME has helped us learn new skills and gain knowledge essential to grow our venture.”

~Kriya Doshi

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