Space Shapers is a hive mind of designers, engineers and creative problem solvers. Their mission is to bring the ideas of their clients to life using 3D printing technology.

Space Shapers is a result of Aashay Sukhthankar aspirations and goals. The core focus is on bringing a disruptive technology like 3D printing in India and unlocking manufacturing potential at the root level.

They provide multi-disciplinary services, which includes designing and modifying concepts for architects and building models and 3D printing these for surgical planning besides conducting clinical training and holding workshops for students to help them give shape to their imagination by creating objects and 3D printing them.

“We’re always growing- in knowledge, depth, experience, expertise. We evolve. We adapt. We’re agile. We promote growth within our walls and foster an atmosphere of constant development.”

~Aashay Sukhthankar

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