SkillEx is a platform that encourages people to be a part of a community for exchanging and learning new skills which was started by Muskan Mirwani and Mahima Saigal.

A community where people can learn, share and exchange skills. They try to make learning or teaching of a skill fun, quirky and convenient. They believe in the barter ecosystem and they barter skills. For eg. If A invests 60 minutes of his time to teach B how to play the guitar, A receives credit for those 60 minutes which he can thereon use to learn something new.

This platform is not restricted to any particular skill set. They try to inculcate various themes like soft skills, languages, music, art, etc. SkillEx currently works on the basis of workshops. The workshops have themes like Language exchange or the art of storytelling. These workshops help to learn of skills in a friendly and vibrant ambiance.

In the future, these young entrepreneurs hope to expand their workshops by tapping on to corporate and holding recreational SkillEx workshops for them.

“ISME has nurtured our start-up and has strengthened it by the overflowing faculty support and mentorship.”

~Muskan Mirwani

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