Sauvait is an eco-conscious, high-quality vegan fashion brand that makes hand-crafted bespoke shoes for men. Founded in early 2018 by Dhruv Sanghvi and Jaiman Khatri, Sauvait’s Vision is to convert users of footwear made from animal leather to consumers of cruelty- free product by providing shoes that are modern, stylish and made from sustainable material.

Sauvait aspires to put India on the world map by taking Vegan fashion a notch higher by ensuring top quality and comfort. The idea is a hit with the environmentalists as Sauvait highlights the deleterious impact of leather for animals, environment as also for the humans who work on it.

“ISME not only helped us incubate our business idea in the classroom but also supported us at each step from providing office space to arranging funds and connecting us to the right people that fas accelerated our business.”

~Dhruv Sanghvi

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