Have you ever thought of becoming a master chef while watching a cooking show and all your ingredient measurements went for a toss?

Here’s Mould Recipes which ensures consistency in taste by providing a measurement mould where you just need to put in the ingredients bought by you and cook a delightful meal. It is a startup and its co-founders are Swarna Shah, Mahek Shah,and Priyal Damodia.

Currently, they are at the prototyping stage and soon they will
be ready to launch the product in the market. ISME is helping the young entrepreneurs formulate a vision, such that they will achieve their goal of creating a dent in the universe.

Mould Recipes aims to create a market, where whenever anyone thinks of cooking and preparing a dish, they should think of using Mould Recipes as their assistant. They plan to their product across the globe and make cooking easy for anyone and everyone.

“ISME is providing us with the exposure to meet successful people from the industry and also gave us a chance to pitch our ideas and get their valuable feedback ”

~Swarna Shah

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